Using Photos to Tell the Story of Katie Rose

You’ll find my blog post A Preemie’s Journey: Using Photos to Tell the Story of Katie Rose featured on Rear Curtain, a fantastic new site devoted to storytelling in photography.

As I’ve previously noted, these photos won a Finalist award in the Worldwide Gala Awards for storytelling in photography. This Rear Curtain story explains why I began making these photos, as well as some of the technical and emotional issues related to creating them.

In the words of Sabrina Henry, “Wow. Received a story this evening that will make you cry”—tears of joy since Katie Rose is doing so well, and this is ultimately a message of hope and miracles.

Odd and Ends

Creative Lighting: Digital Tips & Techniques

Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques is at the top of the digital photography charts on Amazon. Special thanks to everyone who placed such thoughtful reviews. This truly makes a big difference to us.

Harnessing the Power of Flickr is my latest column in my Finding an Audience for Your Photos series.

There are still a few places in my Close-Ups and Macros workshop April 29 – May 1. You also have ten days and counting to register for the Alabama Hills Star Circle Workshop at a discounted price.

Finally, in the email version of my Print of the Month post about the Cherry Branch on White print, the image was inadvertently omitted. (It may be more than you wanted to know, but this shows the perils of using Unix relative paths rather than absolute paths in a blog post.) Herewith, the omission corrected:

Cherry Blossom on White

Purchase Cherry Blossom on White for the special Harold Davis Print of the Month price of $195.00

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