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Nothing could be finer: a diner haiku

Nothing Could Be Finer

Waiting for lunch…

…it finally came:

Fish and Chips

After Lunch

Goodbye fish and chips!

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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Lucy lives in the studio where Phyllis and I go to do Pilates with Jennifer. Lucy looks really scary I think in this picture but Lucy isn’t really scary and one can learn alot from her.

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Heart on Ice

heart on ice, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

If the T-Rex had this heart, would he be happy?

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rorschach, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

A cave finger painting on the bathtub…it’s a Rorschach test: what do you see?

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If I only had a heart…

Rusty T-Rex, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

I found this rusty T-Rex near a rock shop off Route 140 outside Yosemite. (You can see the tumble down rock shop in the background.) I was looking for a nice rock for Julian, who is into rocks these days with all the passion that an-almost-eight-year-old can have.

A T-Rex in real life would be fierce to meet, but I think this one is more forlorn. He’s sitting in the weeds, rusting, abandoned, waiting for his Dorothy to come along to oil him and help him realize his inner heart.

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Shadows on a Wall

Shadows on a Wall, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

I came across these shadows on a cliff wall hiking the other day in Yosemite. Seeing them made me wonder – like the Platonic description of the life being flickering shadows on a cave wall – if all we are seeing are shadows (compared with the real thing).

Is the photo showing a shadow? Do the shapes make a glyph? Is the shadow more real than the tree that made it?

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Flower Wasabi

Flower Wasabi, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Almost as good as sushi!

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Same old not same old

It’s funny: here I am photographing the same things I started out taking pictures and loving long ago before I became a professional photographer and stopped being a professional. So here I am again photographing flowing water rock and reflections in the Yosemite. But something is different. It’s not the same old same old.

The difference is digital. I am in the glorious mountains photographing this beautiful grandeur once more on leave of absence for a short duration from my duties as a proud papa and I am wondering about digital. What difference does it make, anyway? Certainly, there are some qualitive, tonal kinds of things. But beyond this, when shooting digital – which is all I do these days – I have a feeling that things are episodic and impermanent. This feeling affects the way I shoot and what I look for. I am still what I am and the same things appeal to me, but I know that my photos will end up as thumbnails on Flickr and my aesthetic adjust accordingly…

Here’s a link to the full Yosemite set. I also can’t resist: Here’s a Flickr badge with a few more images from my recent visit to Yosemite. The images are random, so if you refresh your browser you’ll see different pictures. You can also click an image to see it in a bigger size on Flickr.

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Bathtub Carhenge


Originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Julian asked me to take this picture of his stacked cars while he was in the bath! Reminds me of stonhenge, er, carhenge, but in the bathtub. My kids have a great imagination, and it’s fun helping them remember what they create by photographing it!

I particularly like the crtystal on top!

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Meta Flickr

Meta Flickr, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

I never met a flickr I didn’t like…one’s reach should be bigger than one’s grasp, or else what is a meta for?

[Screen capture of a Flickr collage]

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Nicky in the bath

Nicky in the sink, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Nicky is a little old for the kitchen sink, but Julian was in the tub. Nicky is such a fun guy who greets the world with a smile. It’s really a blast taking pictures of my kids!

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Who put these ducks adrift in a bathtub so wide?

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