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On the subject of oregano, and not simplicity, here are some photogrammed and heavily cross-processed leaves of origanum rotundifolium. Note, these are oregano leaves, not flower petals (which are more transparent) as in the other images.

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Thrice as nice…

If one petal of an oregano flower is nice, are three petals of the origanum rotundifolium flower thrice as nice?

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This is a photogram of a petal of the flower of an oregano plant, origanum rotundifolium.

Usually, when I capture this kind of image my post-processing involves all sorts of channel operations and complexities. I also bracket like crazy in exposing the capture in first place, because I find some of the out-lying exposures work better than those suggested by the light meter. My brackets are well beyond the range you’ll find in programmatic exposure bracketing in a digital SLR. Mostly, I am interested in over-exposure rather than under-exposure (over-exposure helps with the translucency) but sometimes I need under-exposure as well to layer mask in some dark bits using one blending mode or another.

Well, this time the fancy stuff just didn’t do it. I kept coming back to this way over-exposed version of the capture. No particular adjustments from the automatic suggestions in RAW conversion worked either. (This is unheard of for me!) Just worked as it was. Somehow the over-exposure had blotted out extraneous details and left a nice delicate color. Simple. Sometimes simple is best.

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Hibiscus Flower

This photogram of a hibiscus flower is a good companion to the Mallow image I created recently. Both flowers grew together in a sunny spot in my garden, so its fitting that they should be paired as imagery!

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Elephant Rock in the Snow

Here’s a photo of mine from February 2006. It shows Elephant Rock, near the entrance to Yosemite Valley, covered with fog and snow (note Elephant Rock is also in this photo).

Other related photos: here’s a round-up of some of my photos of Yosemite in the winter time.

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Water Drops and Toad Lilies

These water drops on a spider’s web reflect the toad lilies (strange plants of the genus Tricyrtis) that bloom in the shade part of our garden this time of year.

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This is a mallow flower from a minature bush mallow that I planted in our garden. Here are other mallow images, and my mallow set on Flickr.

When I first started cross-processing this photogram in Photoshop, I was mainly attempting to get a transparent effect with the flower petals. But as I went along, I became more interested in the colors themselves, with the issue of transparency strictly secondary.

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The Earth Is Flat

I didn’t realize that the earth really was flat, but this capture of the Golden Gate assures me that the edge of the earth is but a few miles out in the Pacific Ocean. You can see the last bit of the sun sinking behind the edge of this flat earth! One of the pleasure craft shown on the San Francisco Bay, or even the tanker steaming in through the Golden Gate, could easily sail out and touch the sun as it passes below the horizon of this flat earth.

An interesting comparison: this photo showing the sun setting to the south of the Golden Gate Bridge. Three weeks (Jan 7 to Jan 22) separate the two photos, showing how much north-to-south movement in the position of the setting sun there is near the winter solstice.

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This is a Lobelia…

…so if you know your flowers, you’ll realize the original was quite small. Shown above after inversion and cross-processing, and below in the original capture.

Lobelia II

View this image larger.

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Yesterday evening at sunset a beautiful sky. Julian scampered all over Indian Rock clammering for my attention as I focused on this cloud.

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Here’s a clematis captured using my digital photogram technique and cross-processed, on a black background (above) and inverted on a white background (below). I like both effects very much and think that these images look almost like paintings rather than photographs!

Clematis II

View this image larger.

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Looking up from Camp Curry

It is impossible to find a place to stand in Yosemite Valley that is not photogenic. I took this photo on the way to the breakfast pavilion in Curry Village.

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Dreamweaver Rose

Dreamweaver is a nice name for a rose, and I think this transparent, dreamy image lives up to the rose it depicts…

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Fourth of July Rose

Here’s a nice photogram of a Fourth of July rose from my garden.

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Thousand Island Lake

This photograph shows Thousand Island Lake and Mt Banner. The islands and the lake are under the snow. I took this photo during a hiking trip in 2005, and recently re-post-processed it for additional clarity and color.

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