Harbinger of Spring

I remember when I lived in colder climates seeing the daffodils, green shoots with a yellow blossom, push their way through the frozen ground. So for me, daffodils will always…


Last Chance for France

Last call for France, at least in April 2022, and with our small, exclusive photography group! We are finalizing arrangements for this trip shortly, and will be closing it to…


Flowers for Miss Havisham

Flowers for Miss Havisham (below) completes the quartet of four images begun with Earthly Delights, and continued with Aging in Place and Remembrance.

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The flowers remember when they were young. The easy, sensuous unfurling of Earthly Delights is long past. With Aging in Place the grace of youth is gone, but joy and…

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Aging in Place

I left my arrangement of tulips, iris, and daffodils on its black velvet stage. Several days later, the bouquet had aged in place. It was still beautiful, but in a…


Earthly Delights

My first love in art was color. It took me years to appreciate monochrome. As a (relatively and sometimes) mature artist, I understand that black and white lays open the…

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