Same old not same old

It’s funny: here I am photographing the same things I started out taking pictures and loving long ago before I became a professional photographer and stopped being a professional. So here I am again photographing flowing water rock and reflections in the Yosemite. But something is different. It’s not the same old same old.

The difference is digital. I am in the glorious mountains photographing this beautiful grandeur once more on leave of absence for a short duration from my duties as a proud papa and I am wondering about digital. What difference does it make, anyway? Certainly, there are some qualitive, tonal kinds of things. But beyond this, when shooting digital – which is all I do these days – I have a feeling that things are episodic and impermanent. This feeling affects the way I shoot and what I look for. I am still what I am and the same things appeal to me, but I know that my photos will end up as thumbnails on Flickr and my aesthetic adjust accordingly…

Here’s a link to the full Yosemite set. I also can’t resist: Here’s a Flickr badge with a few more images from my recent visit to Yosemite. The images are random, so if you refresh your browser you’ll see different pictures. You can also click an image to see it in a bigger size on Flickr.

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