Meadow Rue

Meadow Rue in the rain, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Yesterday it was raining. The kids woke early. They were playing downstairs: not fighting (a blessing!) but still making some noise. So I got up a little before 6:00 leaving Phyllis to catch a bit more sleep. It was still a bit dark out, partly because of the cloud cover. I cuddled with the kids a bit, then went out to get the paper. On my way out, I saw the meadow rue flowers with raindrops. Very cool pattern. The kids were wanting their breakfast — it’s “Daddy day care” when they get an ice cream sandwich (on real fried bread) and a chocolate sandwich, respectively. But I ignored them for a little, grabbed my camera and tripod, and snapped this picture. Sometimes you have to just focus on the beauty in front of you and ignore the chaos – or else there will be serious rueing later!

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