Resistance to Spirals Is Futile

There’s something hypnotizing about spirals. Even when I start with a perfectly good “straight” photo of a spiral, I feel compelled to extend the spiral in Photoshop. I guess I may as well accept that resistance to spirals is futile.

The compositing technique I used to make this image involved making both large and small copies of the original photo, pretty full explained in World without End.

Related images: Endless Stair, Spirals (shell and stair), Spirals (shell composite).

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I’m really excited to have three photography books coming out in the next few months. These are very different books. The commonality is that each of the three books is illustrated with my photos, and that I’ve written the text as well.

Here’s a quick description of my books, along with the book covers. In the due fullness of time, I’ll be blogging a bit more about each title, as well as showing some excerpts. By the way, the titles are available for pre-order on Amazon (hint, hint!).

100 Views of the Golden Gate is a “coffee table” book published by Wilderness Press that portrays the secular, serene, and spiritual grandeur of the Golden Gate, following the path laid down by the great Japanese artist Hokusai, who wrote about Mount Fuji, “Each view is different, and each view expresses a lifetime.”

Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers published by O’Reilly Media is an illustrated technique book that shows the essential light and exposure principles needed to take great photographs.

The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite & the High Sierra is published by Countryman and distributed by WW Norton. It is part travel guide for photographers, and part a display of photos of the grandeur of Yosemite.

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