Morning Frost in Berkeley

It’s part of my morning routine when I can to wander out into the garden as the sun comes up. This serves two purposes: I get to photograph at sunrise, and I get a moment of peace and serenity to start the day away from the banging, bustling, and yelling of a household with three little boys.

Imagine my surprise the other day when a sunrise close examination showed frost. Very rare in Berkeley altogether, and especially with spring this far along.

Well, the frost was definitional: it only appeared when I looked really close up, and consists, as you can see on the photo above of my leucospermum, of drops somewhere between water and frozen. Here’s another view of the morning frost on another plant:

Peony Bush Leaf with Morning Frost

Someone on Flickr suggested that my photos (and specifically these morning frost images) could “launch an entire cosmetic line.” This was meant as a compliment. I’m not sure that this is my goal when I take pictures. In fact, I know it is not. My best photos are taken in a kind of zone where I am living in the moment, not thinking of past or present, and not visualizing what taking these photos will do for me. It can be tough to forget about family and context when my kids are around, hence the dawn visits to the garden.

But if any cosmetic company would like to take the hint, I could sure use the income!

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