Yesterday Was a Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day for photographing flowers close to home. The rain stopped in the late morning, and then the sun came in and out of clouds. I photographed these daffodils backlit by the sun handheld using vibration reduction (VR) technology. Since these daffodils were, as Wordworth put it, “fluttering and dancing in the breeze,” there would have been little point in a tripod in any case.

Next, I turned to the holly flowers shown below (this time with tripod and extreme close-up field rig). Yes, by golly, these holly flowers start out yellow, turn red, and then become the red “berries” that we associate traditionally with holly bushes.

It’s worth taking a look at the holly capture at a larger size, I think. If you check out the water drops in the photo, you’ll see what a close macro this actually is, and how tiny the buds are!


View this capture larger.

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