Zulu Prince

Here’s another unblogged image from my files. The photo shows a Zulu Prince flower (the botannical name is Venidium Fastuosum). This story about a sunflower has another Zulu Prince (scroll to the bottom).

[200mm f/4 macro, 300mm in 35mm equivalent terms, 4 seconds at f/36 and ISO 100.]

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Rose Moon Rising

Full summer moons toward the end of June are sometimes called “rose moons,” and this one lives up to the name.

Last night, Phyllis and I parked the kids at a pizza and movie party given at Nicky and Mathew’s pre-school. Then we picked up sandwiches and headed for the Marin Headlands side of the Golden Gate.

The fog coming and going was beautiful, and the rose moon rising was icing on the cake (to badly mix my metaphors). For me, this was a bus person’s holiday, to throw more metaphors into the stew. But it was great having Phyllis along, and she enjoyed the show of light and air in the Golden Gate. And, as Phyllis said, she enjoyed the fog horns tuned to a fifth interval apart on a diatonic scale, pleasing to Western ears.

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