Foggy Sea

Foggy Sea

Foggy Sea, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

What happens when you point a camera out to sea in the fog in an almost pitch-black night?

Taken at Limantour Beach during my recent Point Reyes night photography workshop.

[Nikon D300, 18-200VR zoom lens at 18mm (27mm in 35mm terms), 241 seconds at f/3.5 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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Chins, photo by Harold Davis.

At the pediatrician yesterday, Katie Rose weighed in at nine pounds and seven ounces. This is up a pound since her last visit two weeks ago. Katie Rose is gaining roughly an ounce a day. She is definitely a chunk, amazing considering that she started out so tiny.

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Alien Fresh Jerky

This is a roadside business sign that provokes many questions: Was the jerky made of aliens? Were the aliens fresh? Were they so fresh they were rude? And what bright beam of a brain thought up this clear winner in the Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest business model?

Extraterrestrial Highway

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Oddly enough, when you drive the length of the barren Nevada Highway 375, the so-called Extraterrestrial Highway, long and boring, past a few outposts like Rachel, Nevada (below), coming on signs like Alien Fresh Jerky and the ET highway markers are great relief.

Even odder, there is a “real” website for Alien Fresh Jerky, and the business has a neat and tidy retail outlet going along Interstate 15 near Baker, California.

Rachel, Nevada

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