Burning White Rose

I know this rose looks yellow, but it was actually snow white. You are looking at the color of light coming up through the rose bud. Phyllis helped me construct a small stage set for this photo (and the others in the series). We cut the stem close, and positioned the rose in a small, clear plastic cylinder. Next we lit the cylinder from the sides with LED lights. I covered the whole thing with black velevt cloth up to the edge of the rose blossom.

Finally, I made sure the room was entirely dark (except for the LED lighting from beneath the rose), and photographed straight down on the inside of the blossom.

Related image: Camellia Light.

[105mm f/2.8 macro lens (157.5mm in 35mm terms), extension tube, 30 seconds at f/36 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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Camellia Light

This is another photo of a camellia blossom, lit from beneath with flat LED lights, and isolated using a black velvet cloth background.

[85mm perspective correcting macro, 4 seconds at f/54 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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White on Black

Here’s a simpler version of the white rose on a black background. I think it might work better without the blue border effect.

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Peony Revealed

I was surprised to see the core of the peony resolving itself within my viewfinder.

This is a tree peony flower, a lovely and exotic speciment that blooms once a year with exactly three wonderful flowers. There have only been three flowers in any years for as long as we’ve had this plant.

I have been spending a great deal of time photographing these flowers this year and their secrets.

Tree Peony Flower 2

View this photograph larger.

Less is sometimes more. I loved the way the drops of water came into focus beneath the cloud of peony petals in this photo:

Peony Revelation 2

View this photograph larger.

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Fairly Abstract Peony

This is a fairly abstract photo of the stem of a peony. I was experimenting with attaching both an extension tube and (old, manual) telextender to my 200mm macro lens. So the view is a pretty extreme magnification. It’s also rather soft focus and very colorful.

I like the effect, and am reminded that all parts of a plant can be beautiful and colorful–not just the flower!

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White Flower

This small white flower sits in a shady corner of my garden. It gives off a vague odor of garlic, weird in such a graceful flower.

What I like about this photo is the way the soft green background with dark lines contrasts with the firm white delicacy of the flower.

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Meadow Rue

Meadow Rue in the rain, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

Yesterday it was raining. The kids woke early. They were playing downstairs: not fighting (a blessing!) but still making some noise. So I got up a little before 6:00 leaving Phyllis to catch a bit more sleep. It was still a bit dark out, partly because of the cloud cover. I cuddled with the kids a bit, then went out to get the paper. On my way out, I saw the meadow rue flowers with raindrops. Very cool pattern. The kids were wanting their breakfast — it’s “Daddy day care” when they get an ice cream sandwich (on real fried bread) and a chocolate sandwich, respectively. But I ignored them for a little, grabbed my camera and tripod, and snapped this picture. Sometimes you have to just focus on the beauty in front of you and ignore the chaos – or else there will be serious rueing later!

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Who put these ducks adrift in a bathtub so wide?

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