Point Reyes Field Seminars

I’ll be giving two workshops in 2008 under the auspices of the Point Reyes National Seashore Association. Please consider joining me on Saturday, June 14 for a one day intensive seminar in digital landscape photography (on-line course registration). The weekend of September 12-14 will see us rocking to the music of the stars in a great location for night photography (on-line course registration). You’ll find course descriptions below my photo of the Point Reyes Lighthouse at night.

Night at Point Reyes Lighthouse

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Digital Landscape Photography

Saturday, June 14 • 1:30 PM – 8:30 PM
$95 ($90 members)
On-line course registration

Point Reyes provides one of the most spectacular and varied landscapes in the world. Bring your digital camera to this workshop and expand your creative horizons by engaging in a photographic conversation with a master of digital landscape photography.

Harold will present and discuss some of his own work, and explain concepts of light and exposure in the context of your personal creative goals. The special challenges and rewards of the Point Reyes landscape will be covered before heading out into the nearby fields for a guided photo shoot. We will then regroup to discuss our work in the light of our individual goals in landscape photography.

Night Photography

Sept. 12-14 • 7 PM Fri – 4 PM Sun
$230 ($220 members)
On-line course registration

Night covers the globe half the time and—surprising to many— photographic opportunities with digital equipment are as exciting at night as they are during the day. Night photography has always been an area for creative experimentation, but with the advent of digital photography, and its expanded dynamic range and light sensitivity beyond the visible spectrum, the time has never been better to experience the freedom of the night.

Harold will cover techniques, equipment, and night safety issues during an orientation session before moving outdoors, where we will create night-time captures. In the morning, we will regroup to demystify digital post-processing of night captures in Photoshop and to evaluate our work in the context of personal creative goals. A second night shoot gives participants the opportunity to put into practice the night skills they have learned.

We will learn to make beautiful images of the landscape after sunset, and take advantage of the extraordinary night environment and absence of light pollution within Pt. Reyes. You’ll go home with great images and skills to capture night photos while the rest of the world sleeps. Accommodations included at the Education Center.

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Proofing in Bed

I know that many things are done in bed, but I think it is kind of unusual to review the proofs for a book in that location. But Phyllis is pregnant and on bed rest, so we had no choice but to spread the proofs out where she was.

You can’t really tell that Phyllis is gravid in this photo, but you can see both imposition and color proofs for my 100 Views of the Golden Gate.

Proofing in Bed

View this image larger.

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Wet Leaf

Wet Leaf

Wet Leaf, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

I saw this small leaf with water drops in our side yard and couldn’t resist taking the time to photograph it.

Related photo: another wet leaf macro.

[Nikon D300, 200mm f/4 macro lens (300mm in 35mm terms), 36mm extension tube, +4 diopter close-up filter, 1.3 seconds at f/40 and ISO 100, tripod mounted using a Kirk Low Pod.]

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View North from Muir Beach Overlook

The sun had just set and the wind was blowing in on the Muir Beach overlook. You can see the wind whistling over the ocean straight towards the camera, and the lights of a few cars along coastal Highway California 1.

[27mm in 35mm equivalent terms, 1.3 seconds at f/5.6 and ISO 100.]

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