Dream Sky

Coming out from the Steep Ravine trail it was almost night. The car was parked on a curve in the road down to Stinson Beach. I saw the final stages of sunset a couple of hundred feet down the road, walked down, put the camera on tripod and snapped these time exposures.

The unpredictable effects of long exposures at night on digital captures are amazing. In these I like the dreamy, watercolor effect in the night sky.

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South Farallon Island

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Bolinas and Point Reyes

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Steep Ravine

Late afternoon on Saturday we hiked up Steep Ravine, on the ocean side of Mount Tamalpais. This is a deep and lucious gorge, which flows exotically to the Pacific Ocean near Stinson Beach. Sunset was near, and the woods were getting dim. Pointing my camera straight down at the creek on my tripod, this time exposure solidified the rushing water.

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