Katie Rose is four!

Recently we celebrated Katie Rose’s fourth birthday. As you can see, the birthday girl had a good time.

Katie Rose's fourth birthday © Harold Davis

To see her today gives us a big smile, and it always moves us to remember how unlikely her chances seemed four years ago, and how small she was then (she weighed a good bit less than two pounds).

Some background regarding Katie Rose:

It’s hard to have her living so joyously and happily without believing that miracles do happen. Her whole life is a miracle, and a blessing to us.

Let her eat cake
Let her eat cake © Harold Davis

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  1. Happy birthday to the lady with the beautiful smile. May all her wishes come true. And as to me, a became last Saturday a grandfather for the third time.

  2. Congratulations Jack!

  3. Happy Birthday Katie Rose. I enjoyed seeing her 1st birthday photo again too. Thanks Harold for sharing these beautiful portraits of your family.

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