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The pages of Botanique—my hand made, limited edition artist book—have all been printed. Some of them are shown here on the table formerly known as our dining room table. You can read about assembling the Botanique prototype by clicking here, and click here for the Kickstarter campaign that used crowd-sourcing to fund this unique project that uses cutting-edge technologies in combination with hand crafting in a made-in-the-USA cottage industry project. I also like the way the aesthetic combines the old with the new, and echoes both 19th century botanical prints and Asian art while looking towards the future of digital photography.

Botanique pages hot off the press
Botanique pages hot off the press © Harold Davis

The next step is to assemble the actual copies in the edition, and deliver the ones that have already been sold.

I am excited about the level of interest in Botanique. At the risk of being immodest I understand why, every time I take my prototype copy out of its box. It’s fun to show it to people and watch their jaws drop! We’re of course very pleased by how many of the copies in the edition have already sold—Botanique is already a huge success—and thank you to everyone who has supported my art via this venture.

There are only two copies left in the $750 price tier. Please contact the studio if you would like to reserve one of them.

I can’t wait to post some photos of the finished Botanique—probably early in the coming week.

Click here for more information about Botanique.

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  1. Congratulations, Harold! What an incredible project for you! I wish you great success with this!

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