The Unphotographed Photos

What happens when a photo is a file that languishes in a folder? It may be a little like the tree falling in the forest without recognition. Here are some of my “unseen” photos, published for the first time on my blog.

Granite Sea by Harold Davis
Granite Sea © Harold Davis

I shot this image of rolling, and roiling waves, from the pier in Pacifica, California the other day. Roaring towards me in a steady wind-blown progression, these waves look almost like a rock face—hence the title, Granite Sea.

Bolinas Beach by Harold Davis
Bolinas Beach © Harold Davis

A bright winter day found the clouds reflected at low tide on Bolinas Beach, California—captured with my lens aided by a polarizing filter to bring out the strength of the reflections and contrast in clouds and sky.

Ruined Stair by Harold Davis
Ruined Stair © Harold Davis

Near sunset, I found this ruined stair under a crumbling pier in the old harbor of Port Richmond, California—looking for all the world like something out of an etching or drawing by M.C. Escher or Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

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