Flowers for the vernal equinox

To celebrate the spring equinox yesterday, here are some Tulips and Anemones shot on my light box for translucency (a white ranunculus peeks through on the upper left as well!). You can recognize some of these specimens in Kaleidoscope of Flowers. As you can see, I am enjoying our California spring!

Tulips and Anemones © Harold Davis
Tulips and Anemones © Harold Davis

Exposure data: Nikon D800, Zeiss 135mm f/2 APO Sonnar, 2 seconds at f/16 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.

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  1. As always Harold your flowers are always just beautiful, ours will be coming along sometime soon! Just get past Tuesday’s winter storm “AGAIN”, perhaps I will get to post some pictures of Virginia Spring flowers, though will admit we do not see as many Anemones here and never any Ranunculus, they are just beautiful……gets to warm to quick here for them.

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