Old Train Bridge

Old Train Bridge © Harold Davis
Old Train Bridge © Harold Davis

I photographed this old train bridge in Maine, with the idea of extending the apparent length of the bridge visually as far as I could. To achieve this goal in post-production I used a similar technique to that in World without End, namely compositing the background image with successively smaller versions of itself. In World without End, the endless doors yield ultimately at the single pixel level to a wall with my initials carved in it. In the current image, I pasted a silly selfie rather than my initials.

You can see what I mean in the screen capture below since you won’t be able to get close enough to see me via the image on your monitor. To see my selfie which is at the pixel level, you’d need a good print and a magnifying glass, or a high resolution file and a good monitor.

I fancy this fantasy makes me a little like a train, and I am mindful of a few of the Stephen King novels in which “Blaine the Train” and others of his ilk have rather nasty personalities. But bear with me: I promise to be a nice train!

Photoshop CCScreenSnapz001

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  1. Wonderful shoot and processing technique
    Where in Maine did you find this bridge

  2. Thanks! This is the old train bridge over the Kennebec River outside Bath, Maine.

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