Davis Family Startup

Now if only I could direct them away from Minecraft and Wizard 101 into something that pays…from left to right in our computer lab for the kids, top row: Julian, Katie Rose. Bottom row: Nicky, Mathew.

Davis Family Startup © Harold Davis
Davis Family Startup © Harold Davis

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  1. Hi Harold!
    wonderful picture! Minecraft is a very powerful tool to develop logic, strategy, spatial consciousness, and – of course – pleasure! Don’t drive them away from it.

    On the other hand I don’t know wizard 101…
    Cheers to the whole tribe and a biggest “happy new year, guys!”

  2. Hi Mauro,

    Don’t worry: Minecraft is fine with me! It is actually a game that encourages creativity and design skills, and I am all for it!

    Happy New Year!


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