On a cold morning in eastern Oregon, I stopped beside the road to photograph a progression of utility poles and their reflections. I used a relatively long exposure (0.8 of a second at f/32 and ISO 31) and intentionally moved the camera to create a motion blur. The feeling I had making the photo, and the emotion I respond to when I look at my image, is the experience of being by oneself and anonymous, beside the road somewhere in the vast spaces of the American west, shivering to keep warm, and being overwhelmingly lonely.

Lonely © Harold Davis
Lonely © Harold Davis

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  1. The feeling is akin to hitchhiking coast to coast. Alone, out in the elements- I would add the word forlorn. (Bring up the violins!) Idaho is even worse.

  2. Thanks Thomas, I agree completely: forlorn is the right word!

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