Seizing the Day

Amy wrote, “I was impressed with your photos and one of your flowers in particular helped inspire a design for my tattoo.” She sent me a link to a photo of her tattoo by Erik Grieve at Tribe Tattoo studios in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’ve seen my images used for many things. But this is the first time (to my knowledge) that one of my photos has inspired a tattoo.

Here’s more of the story of Amy’s tattoo: “I got it the day I graduated college. I was studying English in Scotland through a program with my college. I took my classes abroad for my very last college courses, so I actually finished college abroad. After the last test, I headed to the tat shop. For me the cherry blossom represents seizing the day, because they only bloom once a year. I also love the water drops on it (like on your pictures) because it reminds me that there are good times and bad times, too.”

In life, as in photography, carpe diem. Amen.

Check out my series of cherry blossom images that inspired the tattoo; you can read about the images in Cherry Blossom Special.

Cherry Blossom Special

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