Three More Variations

Stars of Petals on Black Variation 6 © Harold Davis

This is the series that starts in an earlier story

Stars of Petals on Black Variation 7 © Harold Davis
Stars of Petals on Black Variation 8 © Harold Davis

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  1. Personally, my original choices still hold! I think the calligraphic version has lots of potential. I just don’t like the (in my opinion) garish flouro artifacts that occur in places, and an impression of ‘muddy’ coloured components. Continuing re the calligraphic one… I really like the ‘flower’ that’s right at the top, just right of centre. It has a particularly pleasing mix of red and green. Those particular colours are a pleasure to look at for me – ‘hues’ might be the word, and the brightness is nice but not overdone. Parts of this version really appeal to me, there’s a lovely soft watercolour effect in places that’s very subtle and ever so pleasing. As before, I qualify my observations by saying I am viewing these on a small laptop screen.

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