Creative Projects for Wintering in Place on Saturday Nov 21, 2020

This coming Saturday, November 21, 2020, at 11am PT we will be hosting Creative Projects for Wintering in Place via Zoom webinar.

My thinking behind presenting this webinar now is that the light is clearly at the end of the tunnel, with the wonderful news about the effectiveness of the vaccines. But there are some dark days ahead before we get there. Now is not the time to relax our vigilance. Creative Projects for Wintering in Place is intended to help bridge this gap.

The webinar is intended to address three tiers of making the best of this in-between time. First, what are the habits of mind and attitude that will best help you enhance your creativity and encourage you to stay productive?

Next, as we’ve said, sheltering-in-place offers the opportunity for creating your own, personal artist-in-residency program. But an artist-in-residency works best with ideas, structure, and an overarching theme. I can’t write the great American novel for you, but I can help point you to an approach that will help you make work you can be proud of.

Finally—and this may be the real “meat” of the webinar—Phyllis and I will show you a number of specific projects: fun, creative, with substance, but also nothing that is “pie in the sky.” Our idea is to present projects that you can do while sheltering-in-place, with materials you probably already have.

We can do this!

Click here for registration and here for more information. Our currently scheduled webinars are:

Saigon Fine Art Museum Stair (Down) © Harold Davis
Saigon Fine Art Museum Stair © Harold Davis

We’re proud of superb panelists Anne Belmont and Bryan Peterson, and of all the registrants, because last week’s truly inspiring Master Photographer webinar raised a nice contribution to a good cause.

A number of folks gave been asking about the video recording of Patterns, Abstractions & Composition. It has now been posted on YouTube. Click here for Harold Davis Photography videos on YouTube.

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