My Work Since the Pandemic (This event has been canceled!)

Please consider joining me at B&H NYC for a live event on Thursday January 25, 2024 at 1pm ET. The presentation is My Work Since the Pandemic: A Special In-Store Event with Harold Davis. The presentation description follows below.

Morning Comes Softly © Harold Davis

In this presentation, artist, photographer, writer, and educator Harold Davis will show the trajectory of his stunning work in the past few years since the annus horibillus in 2020.

Harold states: “In 2020, the global pandemic changed the world forever. For me, as for many of us, the impact was both professional and personal. As the world closed down with lock-downs, many of my professional options curtailed.

“But despite the troubled times, the years since 2020 have been creatively productive for me, with professional accomplishments including the publication of my books Creative Garden Photography and Composition & Photography, adaption of my work as postage stamps by the USPS and being awarded the coveted Progress Award by the Photographic Society of America in 2022 largely for my high-key light box techniques. In 2021, I started traveling with my camera again, bringing groups to Iceland and France, and working both close to home and around the world.”

Harold will show his work and discuss his pandemic experience with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, participants will gain insight for their own creative process:

  • Opportunities in difficulties, and how to turn limitations around
  • Staying creative in tough times
  • Enriching one’s work, with Harold’s Photographing Flowers for Transparency as a case in point
  • Generating creative photography, and staying creative
  • How to stay happy and enthusiastic about one’s work even when the world doesn’t seem ready for it
  • Moving on: Where do we go from here?

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