It’s Official: Create a Garden on an Envelope with my USPS Stamps!

I’m pleased and excited to report that five new “miscellaneous” stamps of my work have been announced by The United States Post Office. The first date of issue is July 18, 2024, with the first day place of issue (in an appreciated nod I think to my hometown) in Berkeley, California.

The five stamps, the one cent Fringed Tulip, the two cent Daffodils, the three cent Peonies, the five cent Red Tulips, and the ten cent Poppies and Coneflowers, are shown below. Click here for my 2022 stamps.

What seems like a very cool idea to me (thanks Ethel!) is to cover an envelope with my stamps, thus creating a garden. I’m certainly going to do this!






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  1. What a fantastic accomplishment! I’ve used your one and two-ounce stamps for quite a while, and only a few left.
    I’m looking forward to having some more.

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