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Golden Gate Panorama vertical
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Dudes and Dudettes, this panorama of the Golden Gate was stitched together from ten RAW files using the Photoshop CS3 Extended Photomerge automation in Cylindrical mode.

In Photoshop, there are a bunch of different panorama modes you can choose from, including this one—I thought it looked best—as well as perspective, and automatic.

The file was pretty big since it layered the ten images. But I was surprised at how well it came out, considering that I didn’t use a special tripod head. Alignment was perfect. There was very little lost of the ten images when I cropped. The whole thing came to a whopping 53 inches wide at 1:1.

You can also see the panorama in normal, horizontal fashion.

I snapped the ten exposures in quick succession, each at 1/6 of a second and f/4.5. My lens was set at 42mm, about “normal” and neither telephoto nor wide angle.

Up on Hawk Hill, the weather was balmy and summer-like, considering it was mid-January. There were four or five of us with our tripods, and a video crew as well.

The full moon made the light as the sun set over the Golden Gate very special. I like that in this panorama you can see the moonrise at the bottom end.

Scrolling to the top, you can see the sunset…with a variety of other scenes along the way.

Golden Gate Panorama

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