Bolinas from Above

Bolinas from Above, photo by Harold Davis. Click to view large size.

Meta information: essentially the same as for Bolinas Lagoon.

I like this photo of Bolinas Bay and Duxbury Point–taken from the ridge leading up to Mount Tamalpais–because of the two different wave patterns that meet, and the golden glow on the water and in the sky!

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  1. […] d be fun to photograph the tidepools along Duxbury Reef at low tide. Duxbury Reef lies off Bolinas near Point Reyes. My mistake was looking at the Point Reyes Park Service map, which has Duxbur […]

  2. By On Duxbury Reef on December 25, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    […] Reef, shown here from above, is one of the largest shale reefs in North America. It lies west of Bolinas in Marin County on California’s north central coast, and north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate […]

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