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This Bridge Is Tops, originally uploaded by Harold Davis.

This is a Flickr collage – perhaps a new art form!

Tools: Flickr, Flickr API, OberKampf, Snag-It (a screen capture utility), Photoshop, and Flickr.

First I made the strip of four images, using images posted to Flickr (you can see the strip of four on this page). The strip was made with OberKampf, a Flickr API PHP library of funtions.

To get the strip like it is, I had to copy and flip the Golden Gate Bridge image (Photoshop) so that it could appear twice, once reversed.

Next, with the strip appearing on the page, I used Snag-It to capture the four frames to a .Tif file. The capture was reworked in Photoshop to bring tonality down and to create the transition between the third and fourth frames.

Finally, I reposted the collage to Flickr (and added it to the Tweaked group).

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