Little Harold

This is a photo of me when I was two or three. I can’t track down my age any more precisely, or the location, although it is likely to be Princeton, New Jersey; Davis, California; or Columbus, Ohio (my parents moved around when I was little).

Little Harold

It’s amazing to me how much I look in the photo like my youngest son Mathew. However, in the later photo below I look more like my second son Nicky.

Harold at Eight

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I think the triptych was taken for my first passport. If so, it would make me seven or eight.

Memory fades. As do photos. Surprisingly, old photos can help us reclaim our stories by reminding us where we started. I enjoying scanning these snapshots and working on the scans, and when I get the chance I’ll go through more of my old print archives.

Here I am more recently:


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