Stars Like Diamonds

Yesterday after the rain had ended I went out with my rig. I stopped along the outer fence of our garden, captivated by these drops of water caught in a spider web. The water drops reflect their environment, sunshine, and (in some cases) my camera and tripod. Hint: you have to look really closely to see me.

I think these myriad drops of water look like sculptured jewels or stars in the sky. In other words, irredeemably beautiful, vast, and special.

Photos taken with my 105mm macro lens, 68mm of extension tubes, a +4 close-up filter, ISO 200, f/36, and about 0.3 of a second. The big capture challenges: micro focusing, and movement of the spider web in the wind.

World Wide Web

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  1. Wow. That is so cool. Great work.

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