Fire in the Sky

The other day I was taking care of the kids when I noticed fire in the sky. Not literally. What I mean is that the sunset was glorious. But it was too late for me to find a good vantage point with a view of the bay, mountains, or bridge.

Sometimes the role of being a parent seems in conflict with that of photographer. Particularly when there is a great sunset.

So what to do? It may seem obvious, but the kids come first. No matter what. And I am so thankful for them, and in love with them (even though they sometimes drive me crazy), that I will miss any number of sunsets to be with them. Furthermore, there’s always another sunset!

What makes figuring out the logistics of sunsets and childcare a little difficult around here is the logic of the appearance of sunset. From a photographer’s viewpoint, the best sunsets come when there are clouds. When there are clouds, you’ll never know until the last minute whether it will be a complete dud, with the sun sinking without a trace into the cloud bank, or whether it might be spectacular. A judgment call a half hour beforehand in these conditions is quite likely to be wrong.

Anyhow, with this sunset, I crept out and up onto our roof for a few minutes. As you can see, it is not quite an all encompassing vista–although I do like the swirling fog on the way lower left–but perhaps the colors of the sky make up for it!

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  1. perfect as is, nicer too that you will remember having the kids near you when you took it. I actually like that you CAN’T tell where this is, makes you focus on the beauty of nature without the distraction of a landmark. Unbelievable colors, I have seen skies like this but they only last a few seconds.

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