My Cherries

I like the way this cherry blossom is backlit by the sun. Meanwhile, the background has gone dark so that all extraneous elements have been removed and do not distract.

Captured with my 18-200mm vibration reduction (VR) zoom lens at 135mm, handheld, with an extension tube and a +4 diopter close-up filter.

Meanwhile, it’s a great discovery in life that everything has a behind and backside. Little kids don’t know this. They think that if they can’t see something–like the rear view of something that is in front of them, or their parents when they’ve gone away–that the thing (or parent) doesn’t exist.

This is a photo of a cherry blossom from the rear. I photographed it in mid-February before leaving for Yosemite, Boulder, and Santa Fe.

Sometimes I think that unexpected views, such as this rear view, are more subtle and interesting than the lucious (and typical) frontal views of flowers in bloom.

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