Peony Glowing

For me, photography is about color and light. The two come together in flowers that are backlit by the sun, as in these two that I took today. (See my Luminous Lily for an example from a couple of weeks ago.)

The peony above is a tripod-mounted macro using the late afternoon sun to backlight the photo, a spot light to add accent, and a fill-flash bounced in front.

I took the photo below early this morning hand-holding my 200mm macro lens, with the ISO boosted to 1,000 so that hand-holding was possible. (The default ISO on this camera is 100.)

I had set the High ISO filter setting on my Nikon D200. I think this compensates remarkably well for the high ISO. You almost wouldn’t know that I’d gained an order of magnititude in possible shutter speed/aperture combinations—with very little trade-off in terms of extra digital noise (the modern comparable to more grain in faster film).

Canterbury Bells

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