Lost in the Funhouse

It’s very hard with a photo like this water drop on my leucospermum to see what one is doing. For all its apparent shallowness of focus, this is a high depth-of-field photo. Using the depth-of-field preview, things get so dark that I can’t really see. The LCD display after I’ve taken the photograph doesn’t really show anything in bright, high-contrast light. If you don’t believe me about this, just try squinting at the sun and then looking at one of these displays. Trust me, you won’t be able to see diddly.

So it is nice to have an image emerge that shows sun stars within the water bubble, and the stamen from the leucospermum flower reflected within the water drop just like a roller coaster in an amusement park. Giant worlds in a very small cosmos!

Taken with my Nikon D200, 200 f/4 macro lens with 64mm of extension tubes and a +4 diopter close-up filter, at f/32 and 1/5 of a second.

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