Macro Photography and Mental Health

I’m slowly recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis. Feeling sick makes it hard for me to enjoy photography. So fooling around with macro photography of flowers in my garden shows that I’m feeling better physically, and mentally as well.

I tried to capture the cone flower (above) from an unusual angle. The red dahlia (below) is a great macro subject because of the pattern of the petals. I liked the light shining through the petunia (far below), and the striking green of the stamen in the center of the flower (you may need to view the flower at a larger size to really see this).

These three macro photos were tripod mounted with my Nikon 200mm f/4 macro lens at f/36 with moderately long exposures (between 1/8 and 1/2 of a second each).

Now, when you see me doing water drops in the morning, you’ll know I’m really feeling fine!

Red Dahlia

View this photograph larger.

Petunia Neon Rose

View this photograph larger.

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