Urban Ore on the Berkeley Pier

Berkeley Pier

I’m headed up to the mountains for a few days backpacking, so I thought I’d put some pictures of civilization on the blog – to remind me there is gold in them here hills, too!

Gull Julian and I went down to the Berkeley Pier at sunset. The sea gulls were flying!
Julian wanted to know why some of the pier was washed away, why people “painted” on the pier, and how many ship wrecks there were below the waves. He wanted to know if I photographed a gull whether I would blog it. I said, “Yes!” Gull

Here’s Julian peeking around the graffiti:

Julian on the Pier

Here’s a photo of a sink used to clean fish, covered with lichen glowing in the afternoon light, with San Francisco in the background:

Berkeley Pier

Looking back towards the hills, the Berkeley Marina looks positively happy. There’s a sign on the gate to the pier, “Please don’t let our cats out.” People live in the marina, I think, and other people just park their boats and take them out to sail. Sounds like fun.

Berkeley Marina

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