Winner’s Choice

For my 800th Photoblog 2.0 story I embedded 800 in Roman numerals in an image, and offered a print of the image of the winner’s choice as a prize to the first person to correctly spot the Easter egg.

Unfortunately, I got my Roman numerals wrong, but that’s another story.

Aaron was the winner. Here’s what he wrote me about why he chose this image:

I thought I would just let you know why it is that I picked the print I did. First of all, I really enjoy the colors in the scene, and I like the huge depth of field you have captured. I also like the quality of light in general. But the think I like most about it is the feeling that I get when I look around at the scene. With the bush in the foreground the scene to me makes me feel like I have just hiked up to this point and I am emerging from the forest to see the whole valley open up before me. It is a moment of discovery and of adventure and of grandeur as I take in the vast landscape before me. And that is a glorious moment.

Gee! I’m blushing. Thanks, Aaron for the kind words, and enjoy your print.

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