Winter Morning in Yosemite

It had snowed overnight. In the predawn darkness, Julian and I left our warm room in Yosemite Lodge and, using our headlamps, made for the banks of the Merced River.

As the sun came up, with camera on tripod, I photographed Middle Brother (above). A little bit later, the sun made its way into the crevasses of a Yosemite Falls (below), not yet engorged with the snow melt of the day.

It was hard getting out of bed and into the cold. But I’m reminded that sometimes my own inertia and fondness for comfort is the thing that stops me from taking the photographs I want to take. Whenever I stop listening to my internal objections and just get on with it, not letting the little things stop me, I am usually pleased with the results.

Yosemite Falls at Sunrise

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