Flower at the Center of the Universe

I’ve called this photo composition Flower at the Center of the Universe. To create the photo composition, I used layers and layer masking in Photoshop to combine Papaver Fireworks with the image below.

The bottom image is itself a photo composition I’ve called Infinite Vortex, consisting of four copies of Star Vortex, rotated and combined. Two copies of the combined Star Vortex images at different magnifications are superimposed on themselves.

I combined layers of Papaver Fireworks at two different magnifications with the Infinite Vortex composition, taking advantage of the fact that when you blend layers using Screen mode black (the background color of the Papaver Fireworks) disappears.

All a long way from the night sky at the top of Half Dome. But bear in mind: creativity is play.

Infinite Vortex

View this image larger.

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