Still Standing

I photographed this arch looking down a cliff on the western side of the Tomales Point peninsula on Point Reyes. Like Adamant, I combined two exposures to fully capture the surf and rock, and to create an effect that’s almost as though the rocks are peaks in a roiling sky.

[50mm, 75mm in 35mm equivalent terms, 3.6 seconds and 8 seconds, both exposures at f/32 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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  1. Do you use a particular photoshop plugin to accomplish the effect of combining multiple photos?

    A professional photographer friend of mine mentioned the technique and he even did some work for me in making some photos from my last vacation look better by combining some of them.

    He said he had a photo shop plugin that helped him but he didn’t tell me what it was. I’ve just installed photo shop and want to try my hand at it.

    BTW, I love the photos you’ve posted.

  2. @joecasa:

    I don’t use a plug-in, I simply copy the second image as a layer on the first, and use layer masks and blending modes to achieve the effect I desire.

    Photoshop does come with an HDR automation that will combine several different exposures. Multi-Raw Processing Versus Automated HDR explains the difference.

    Thanks for the kind words about my photos 🙂

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