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Art Car Window

This is a photo of part of the trunk and rear window of the Mondrian car, one of the special art cars here in Berkeley.

Mondrian Tire

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Portrait of Nicky

Looking through my photo archives, it seems to me that I take many pictures of Julian (my oldest son, who often comes with me on photo expeditions) and Mathew, our baby. But not so many of Nicky, our middle child.

Nicky is really wonderful, affectionate and smart, and just learning to garden. He’ll be four in November.

I took a series of portraits of him today, including this photo.

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Phinding Photos in my Pholders

Pale Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

I’ve been rationalizing the organization of the my photos. This is nothing radical.

The problem is that the software that comes with my various cameras generates opaque folder names. For example, the Nikon stuff calls each folder imgxxxx (where xxxx is a four-digit number).

I stopped using the manufacturer’s software a while back (simply cutting and pasting instead) – but a alot of these folders persist. Depending on the vendor, they don’t have a date (Nikon) or don’t have a content description (Canon).

I’m just making sure that each folder (or, as they used to say, directory) with photos is named starting with the date the photos were taken and a slug that tells me roughly what the photos are of. For example, 2005.07.02 – Berkeley Rose Garden.

This naming convention is simple enough and it makes it a great deal easier to cruise through my file system (either using Explorer or the Adobe Bridge application) and find specific photos.

I’m about half way through the job of normalizing my photo folder naming (since I have a new additional Seagate 250 Gigabyte hard drive, for the time being I’m not running out of space!).

A benefit is that I’m finding nice photos that I missed the first time round, like this rose from the Berkeley Rose Garden.

More of my flower photos (refresh your browser to see a new selection):

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Babe in Basket

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of our cute Mathew Gabriel from about six months ago…

More photos of my kids (refresh your browser to get another selection of images):

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Face Away from the Bay

Another photo from the weird, run-down art park and ex-garbage dump that is the Albany Waterfront Trail…

Easy Chair

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Albany Waterfront Trail

This photo is a view of the San Francisco Bay from the Albany Waterfront Trail.

What a weird place the Albany Waterfront Trail is! About a ten minute drive from here, it is on a spit of land that extends into the Bay. Until 1984, it was the municipal dump for the city of Albany, California – once again proving that we don’t tend to understand the wonderful things around us. (Why a dump in this wonderful Bay of all places?)

Today, this a park with left-over detritus from the dumping years, “shrines” made by various artists, and glorious views.

Lady in Glass

Old Pipes

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Katrina Relief Auction on Flickr

Those of us living with our families in the Bay area realize that the disaster could have been ours. I’m not posting any photos in this entry. Instead, I want to note that the Katrina Relief Group on Flickr is having some success raising money for the victims by auctioning prints by Flickr photographers. Funds raised will benefit the American Red Cross emergency fund set up for hurricane Katrina victims.

Here’s the link to my specific auction on Flickr (you can bid on a print of any of my photos that I’ve posted on Flickr or that have appeared in this blog).

You can read about the auction in the official Flickr blog, and also donate directly via the American Red Cross.

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Lake Tahoe Hyperbole

Lake Tahoe

As wide as an ocean
As deep as the sea;
It’s a lake in the mountains,
It looks blue to me!

A little hyperbole never hurt anyone, but it is quite a lake! I took this photo of Lake Tahoe from near Mt. Rose summit on Highway 431.

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Chocolate Nugget Cowboy

“Howdy, Pardner! Who needs gold when you can have chocolate?” – essential, apparently, for fighting Dementors and for prospecting. Found in Washoe City, Nevada.

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Bees, photo by Harold Davis.

There’s nothing as sweet as a bee in a flower – and in this photo I was lucky enough to get “two for one!”

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Remembrance of Things Past

Tractor, photo by Harold Davis.

This old John Deere tractor rusting beside the road near Carson City, Nevada caught my eye because of the contrast between the red of the brake lever and the green of the tractor.

Note the (modern) yellow truck you can see on the highway in the background through the hole in the tractor…

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Red Dragonfly

Julian spotted this wonderful red dragonfly. It took some patience to photograph because it was constantly in motion. Even in this picture the wings were fluttering (vibrating?).

But it did keep coming back to the same spot, so I was eventually able to get close. My 105mm Nikkor macro lens did the rest!

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Moon over Lake Tahoe

This is a long time exposure taken from near Dollar Point on Lake Tahoe. The long time exposure explains the glassy (or hazy) look of the lake, because of the motion of the waves over the length of the exposure.

Here’s how to have a moon in any of your pictures!

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Putting the Sky in Emerald Bay

We just got back from a family vacation in Lake Tahoe. We stayed in a condo and spent a lot of time by the pool and at the kid’s beach in Tahoe City.

Lake Tahoe is beautiful. Very beautiful. Possibly one of the wonders of the world since it is such a high large body of water surrounded by peaks.

This photo shows Emerald Bay, one of the most beautiful places on the lake.

But Tahoe the lake is also a resort city under the trees. The human impact is causing the clarity of the lake to vanish, at something like a foot a year. The lake is probably 50% as clear as it was in the middle of the last century.

People enjoying themselves (on the boats in this photo, for example) is a good thing, but it doesn’t spell wilderness.

The decline in the Tahoe eco-system is troubling. To imagine Lake Tahoe as it was (or might have been) in pristine glory takes a positive effort.

Many photos take a similar act of creative improvement to reach their potential. This photo is pretty straightforward, but I did work on the sky, selecting the lower portion with Photoshop’s Magic Wand tool set to a low tolerance, and then adjusting the Red level to add a glow at the horizon.

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Flying, photo by Harold Davis.

When we visited Squaw Valley on our recent trip to Lake Tahoe, we found that Trapeze Arts had set up a flying trapeze on top of a parking garage.

What fun to watch Julian fly through the air with confidence and glee!

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