Belying Apparent Simplicity

This image of Tulips in a Vase on White derives its power from its apparent simplicity. In fact, behind the scenes, I constructed the image with a certain amount of calculated…


Steep Ravine

The past several years during the great California drought the waterfalls on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais have been fairly dry, even in the rainy season. So what a wonderful joy to…


Stargazer Lilies

I photographed these Stargazer Lilies on a light box to show them on a white background. With one version (above) I added them in Photoshop to a scanned paper background.…


Pentaptych of Tulip Petals

Inspecting some pink tulips the other day, I noticed that the demarcation behind petals and leaves was not as clear as I had thought it would be. With this flower,…


Get Your Camera Off Auto

Once every two or three years I give a session of my Get Your Camera Off Auto all-day workshop. We have a session coming up here in Berkeley, California on Saturday January…


Positano Morning

The early morning light from my hotel room, the Villa La Tartana, in Positano, Italy was warm and life-affirming. I positioned my camera on the tripod, and bracketed a series…

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