Study in Contrasts

It's little more than a hour drive from the sleek architectural statements of Milan's skyscrapers to the picturesque shores of Lake Como.   


Fancy Tulip

Flowers in all their finery are often symbolic of the best our world has to offer. That is to say, flowers can serve to represent the entire natural world that…


Tuscan Road

Wandering the fields and byways of southern Tuscany, I came across this tree-lined road, and settled in for a photography session, enjoying the action of the high-flying clouds. I processed…


Yellow Daffodil

It's a little early for Valentine's Day, but I though this yellow daffy on a bed of mauve roses says it in a kind of understated way!

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City on the Hill

I find when I am traveling that misadventures often bring unexpected photographic dividends. A case in point: getting stuck in a muddy field in my rental car in Tuscany got…

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New Neighbors

Wandering around our neighborhood today in the rain, we came upon this small door and entrance walkway in a redwood tree. I guess we have new neighbors!

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