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Artfully Random

I’ve stumbled into a new series of flower images. These images have in common the appearance of “artful randomness.”

They are supposed to seem casual and minimally arranged. But the fact is that I create these images from “the ground up” using both a scaffolding and an intermediate structural layer, so the appearance of randomness is just that—an appearance—and there is very little about these images that has been left to chance, whatever chance may be.

In art, I like to think, there are no accidents, only serendipity. To play fast and loose and improvise, first understand and master your craft!

If you like these images, also check out Joy of the World in Flowers, Glory of the Garden and Wilder Shores of Love.

Falling Flowers © Harold Davis

Iris Lattice © Harold Davis

Dancing with the Flower Stars © Harold Davis

Canopy of Flowers © Harold Davis

Butterfly Ranunculus and Friends © Harold Davis

Music of Irises and Poppies © Harold Davis

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Translucent Flora: Photographs by Harold Davis

Translucent Flora: Photographs by Harold Davis is an exhibition at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture, June – September 2023

Join us for the Artists’ Reception on Sunday, June 11, 4-6pm

This beautiful new art exhibition features stunning botanical photographs by award-winning photographer and author Harold Davis. Using a special photographic technique, Harold Davis creates images of flowers and plants with an ethereal, translucent effect. The author of several books, his work is featured on two USPS Forever stamps. 

Visit for more info.

Flowers of Spring’s Desire © Harold Davis

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Joy of the World in Flowers!

Having a number of teenagers and twenty-somethings in the house exposes me to some (understandable) pessimism about life, society, and the future. These are indeed strange times. We—and our kids—have experienced the pandemic, the coarsening of civic discourse, and the specter of global warming.

Joy of the World in Flowers © Harold Davis

But let’s not forget that where there is life there is hope. We have lived through difficult and tumultuous times before. There is such joy and beauty in the world, starting—for me—with the flowers from my garden, shown in this image. There are always things to make me happy. Seek beauty out in nature and gardens, look for it, and refresh your soul, because no matter what we face there is always much to celebrate.

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Romantic Southwest France (April 27-May 5, 2024) – Destination Photo Workshop

We are pleased to announce our destination photo workshop to southwestern France in the spring of 2024.

Somewhere in “Deep” France © Harold Davis

Join a small compatible group of photographers in a 15th Century fortified farmhouse in the lush countryside of southwest France in the springtime. We will be hosted at the Mas de Garrigue, a 15th century fortified farm near the Lot River in the heart of romantic southwestern France. This is an area of gardens, gourmet French home cooking, ancient medieval villages and castles, and a photographer’s and walker’s paradise.

Trip includes many extras and excursions (see Itinerary for details), including the chance to photograph the famous Millau Viaduct.

  • This group is full. Please contact us to be added to the waiting list. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Sadly, Spring 2024 will be the last time we will be able to present this destination workshop to the Mas de Garrigue. This will be your last chance to join us for what has been an extraordinary workshop over the years.

Click here for the detailed Itinerary, and here for the Reservation form! Let us know if you have any questions.

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