On Beauty and Art

Liz writes the Exploring Colour Blog from New Zealand. She used my image of the Blue Danube in a story on the color Indigo. Next, Liz was stimulated to start…

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Podcast with Harold Davis

Check out this wonderful interview with me in a podcast produced by Mid Century Books. Click here for the podcast, here for the Mid Century Books blog story, and here for…


Darkness into Light

This spring I visited and spent a number of days and nights in the world's largest cave, in the jungle mountains of central Vietnam. Fewer people have been to the…

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Shameless Quote Department

"Harold Davis is the digital black and white equal of Ansel Adams’s traditional wet photography. Adams would be awed by Davis’s work. In The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook Davis…


Getting Inside My Head

Well, I'm not exactly John Malkovitch, but I am pleased and excited to see this attempt to "Get inside the head of this marvelous man whose writing is as evocative…


Harold Davis: Talks at Google

Here's the recording of my recent interview and talk at Google regarding The Photographer's Black & White Handbook and the Zen of Photography! If the embedded video doesn't display, please…


Martin Then and Now

This is a photo of my wonderful father Martin Davis that I recently scanned and retouched to restore some damage. Martin thinks it was taken when he was sixteen and…


Wedding Day

This is a photo of my darling Phyllis and myself on our wedding day almost 25 years ago. The color print (an inexpensive drugstore print made from color negative film…

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Black & White Book is Shipping

My new book The Photographer's Black & White Handbook: Making and Processing Stunning Digital Black and White Photos is now available and shipping from Amazon and other book stores. Very exciting!

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