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The time has come, the walrus famously said, to talk of many things (thanks, Lewis Carroll). Rather than shoes, ships, sealing wax, cabbages, and kings, I tend to talk about digital photography.

When I came back to photography, I had no idea that the techniques and aesthetics of this wonderful new medium would take over my life. I used a crazy-quilt combination of methods to communicate with literally thousands of you who are passionate about digital photography, by writing this blog, adding contacts on Flickr, sending emails to people who were interested, and by writing books (like Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers). During the last few years, I have literally written thousands of blog stories and emails about the aesthetics, techniques, and technologies of digital photography, and about lving the photographic life.

Just as kids grow up, so do interests and endeavors. The time has come where I’ve had to formalize my communications process (at least a bit!). So if you are interested in keeping abreast with what I’m doing in photography, the techniques I’m trying, my books, my workshops (not to mention the rest of packed life) I urge you to sign up for my photography newsletter. I promise back stories and information about my photos, delivered in a convenient email format. You’ll also receive special information, offers, and techniques just for readers of my newsletter.

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Night at Point Reyes Lighthouse

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