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Many of my 2016 travel and workshop opportunities are already full, but we do have some selective spaces and also some travel adventures that are pretty wide open, as indicated below. Do take note that even wide-open travel workshops can fill up quickly (in part because I keep each group so very small). So please don’t wait if you’d like to join me.

If I am not for myself who is for me? And if not now, when?

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Paris in May

We still have room for two more in my very small group photographic tour of Paris beginning May 1, 2016. Please let me know right away if you are interested in joining us, since we need to confirm our reservations for the group soon. Here’s a link to the detailed packet of logistics information that is going out to the lucky participants (PDF).

Rooftops of Paris © Harold Davis
Rooftops of Paris © Harold Davis

Trip highlights include: Paris in the Spring, an inside tour of the Opera Garnier, photography of panoramic views of Paris from the Tour Montparnasse, Paris at night, Monmartre and Sacre Coeur, Monet’s Garden at Giverny with special after-hours access, and Paris, Paris, Paris!

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From iPhone to Art

From iPhone to Art is a full-day workshop on Saturday May 21, 2016 in Berkeley, California.

The iPhone is the most used camera in the world. As they say, the best camera to use is the one you have with you, and this is often your iPhone camera. But the fundamental rules of photography still apply, and you can become a powerful photographer with your iPhone by learning the fundamentals of exposure and composition.

Still Life in Silver Bowl © Harold Davis

Of course, your iPhone is more than just a camera. The computing power within a contemporary iPhone is greater than the computing power that sent NASA to the moon—and many photography apps take advantage of this “darkroom” in your pocket.

In From iPhone to Art, we will learn how to leverage our talents to make the best iPhone imagery we can. Demos, lectures, and hands-on exercises will explore the principles of photography as they relate to the iPhone camera.

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Creative Landscape Photography on Point Reyes

This is a weekend workshop under the auspices of Point Reyes Field Seminars, held on the Western tip of Point Reyes, California Friday June 17 – Sunday June 19, 2016. The very reasonable tuition includes accommodations (meals are bring your own and pot luck).

In a Blue Hour © Harold Davis
In a Blue Hour © Harold Davis

Jutting more than thirty miles out into the Pacific Ocean, Point Reyes National Seashore is a spectacular, world-class place to photograph nature. This three-day weekend workshop is hosted in the unique and historic Coastguard Boathouse near the outermost cliffs of this rocky shore. It is an area that is ideally suited for photographing the ocean, the rugged landscape, and sometimes wildflowers. We will turn our lenses to waves, beaches and the unique windswept and sometimes foggy landscape. We’ll also focus on the close-up universe of wildflowers, and learn field techniques for capturing the miniature worlds that can be found in a single petal.

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Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer at Maine Media Workshops

I’ll be teaching a week-long version of my popular Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer workshop in Maine from August 7 to August 13, 2016. Immersing oneself in photography for a week on the beautiful Maine coast at MMW is a life-transforming experience!

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be the best photographer you can be? Do you feel blocked by petty circumstances, or lack the creative space to do the work you know you can do?

This workshop is for every photographer who wants to draw their line in the sand to become the best photographer and artist they can be.

Reflections in a Maine Pond © Harold Davis
Reflections in a Maine Pond © Harold Davis

The workshop will include group and individual exercises and assignments. There will be guided field sessions, and work in the classroom. Technical and practical skills and topics will be covered.

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Under the Tuscan Skies—Tuscany in October

Please consider joining me at an organic olive oil farm near Sienna for a week of landscape photography!

Imagine photographing the autumn vistas under the Tuscan skies! Where fertile land meets the patterns of traditional farming we will photograph olive groves and cypress trees. A deluxe, renovated antique farmhouse will be our home base as we experience great Italian cooking and the fellowship of talented photographers.

Florence and the Arno River © Harold Davis
Florence and the Arno River © Harold Davis

While we photograph, we will be surrounded by the intimate details of the working farm, which produces organic olive oil and wine. If it is chilly, we will move in beside the word-burning stove, otherwise we will discuss philosophy and photography on the veranda under the Tuscan skies.

Click here for the detailed itinerary, and here for the Reservation Form!

Photography in Venice

In November, most of the people are gone, skies can be atmospheric and cloudy, and photography of Venice is at its best! Please consider joining me for a fantastic photographic visit to this most incredible of destinations.

Venice is the largest preserved antique city in Europe, and possibly the world. Extravagant, decadent, charming with ever-changing light, Venice is a photographer’s delight with its fairy-tale canals and endless maze of footpaths and bridges.

Bridge of Sighs at Night © Harold Davis
Bridge of Sighs at Night © Harold Davis

We’ll focus our lenses on canals, reflections, and the infinite wonder found around every corner in Venice. There will be special emphasis on techniques for impressionistic rendering, and several sessions will be held to teach the related post-production techniques, as well as how best to use an iPhone camera in Venice.

Click here for the detailed itinerary, and here for the Reservation Form!

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