Creative Black and White Opportunities Webinar

The replay of my Creative Black and White Opportunities webinar is now available for viewing on YouTube. I had a bit of problem with managing the software, and got “out of the gate” a little slowly, but if you have patience with the webinar I think you’ll find some worthwhile ideas about creative monochrome.

This webinar was organized and sponsored by Rocky Nook, the publishers of my new book Creative Black & White, 2nd Edition. In this webinar, I discussed the monochrome vision, and tips and tricks related to digital black and white photography, and included material on LAB inversions, solarization techniques, the Karl Blossfeldt effect, and x-ray imaging.

My new book, Creative Black & White, 2nd Edition, is now available. The publisher, Rocky Nook, is offering a 40% discount. Click here to buy Creative Black & White 2nd Ed directly from the publisher. Use the code “HDAVIS40” [no quotes] at checkout to apply the discount (you can also use my discount code for all other Rocky Nook books, by the way!).

Here are the links for my book on and on B&N as well, so the choice of supplier is yours, and here’s the link for the webinar replay on YouTube.

Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge (B&W) © Harold Davis

Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge © Harold Davis

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  1. Jim Ruppel September 8, 2019 at 6:38 am #

    Tried to watch webinar live but too blurry. Better on YouTube but for some reason Rocky Nook’s webinars always have some problem.
    The Photoactive interview is a different story, knocked it outa the park. Lots of good info.
    It always surprises me how few comments there are here. Are you a hidden gem?
    Thanks again for the effort you make.

    Jim Ruppel

  2. Harold Davis September 8, 2019 at 10:04 am #

    Thanks Jim! Yes, I guess I’m a “hidden gem!”

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