Patterns and Repetitions are where you find them

Phyllis and I had “double date” appointments with the Eye Clinic on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Visiting the optometrist in a time of masks and social distancing was certainly a novel experience.

Bike Rack © Harold Davis
Bike Rack © Harold Davis

Anyhow, I finished first. While waiting for Phyllis, with my dilated eyes, I walked around the campus with the camera I had with me, my iPhone. Things were pretty much deserted, including the bicycle rack shown. I carefully lowered myself in between the “spokes”. It took a number of tries to get the image centered correctly to take advantage of the visual patterns, and the repetition of the empty racks.

The image below, of our nested kitchen mixing bowls with a nautilus shell slice, was photographed on black velvet, and originally presented in black and white. The other day, Phyllis requested a color version for a possible cover design.

Nesting Bowls in Color © Harold Davis

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